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Smatree?? 1290mAh Replacement battery (3-Pack) + 3-Channel ,aY_KgXk_d_Igu

Smatree?? 1290mAh Replacement battery (3-Pack) + 3-Channel 55 of 57 people found the following review helpfulSmatree has excellent customer service and they are very easy to work … By Mason on November 8, 2014Size: 2xBattery + 3-Channel Charger + USB Cord Verified Purchase This was my first time using any Smatree product and I will definitely be recommending there products to friends.First off, I have a GoPro4 Black edition and the GoPro LCD BacPac.I tested these batteries with and without the BacPac against GoPro’s battery that came with the GoPro.Let me first start off by saying, Smatree has excellent customer service and they are very easy to work with.I read a prior review saying only one of the batteries worked. This wasn’t the case with the ones I received as both have been working without any issues.Pros:1. Can charge 3 batteries at once using the 3 Channel Charger.2. The charger itself is small and fits perfect in my case with all other accessories.3. Each channel on the charger has a light indicator (green means fully charged and red means charging) so it’s easy to tell when your batteries are ready to go.4. Cost!! Way less expensive compared to the GoPro’s Rechargeable battery.You get two batteries from Smatree with a USB cord and 3 Channel Charger for the same exact price as one GoPro Rechargeable battery! It’s a no brainer, 2 batteries > 1 battery.5. Battery life met my expectations with and without the LCD BacPac.The batteries lasted between 45 and 60 minutes shooting 4K at 30FPS without turning the camera on/off.I didn’t notice a real difference between the GoPro and Smatree version.Cons:1. Charger is made out of plastic and seems very light and could break.Note: I don’t anticipate the charger breaking, but I’m thinking from the perspective of someone that has pets or children that could knock the charger off whatever surface it’s standing on.2. Batteries seem a little warmer after use compared to GoPro’s battery.Read more › (window.AmazonUIPageJS ? AmazonUIPageJS : P).load.js(’’); P.when(”jQuery”).execute(function(jQuery) { P.when(”reviewsLightbox-js”).execute(function() { var reviewImageGallery = new ReviewGallery(”R3S3LA9GD82

CowboyStudio Photography Photo Reversible Pop Out Background 33 of 34 people found the following review helpfulPortable & Affordable But Very Reflective - Professional Use is Questionable By Chris Martin on June 10, 2014Style Name: Black/Green amznJQ.onReady(’Airy’, function() { Airy.embed({”installFlashButtonText”:”Install Flash Player”,”contentTitle”:null,”autoplayCutOffTimeSeconds”:null,”ageGate”:{”monthNames”:["January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December"],”deniedPrompt”:”We’re sorry. You are not old enough to watch this video.”,”submitText”:”Submit”,”prompt”:”This video is not intended for all audiences. What date were you born?”},”videoAds”:null,”videoUnsupportedPrompt”:”Sorry, this video is unsupported on this browser.”,”desiredMode”:”hybrid”,”swfUrl”:””,”isAutoplayEnabled”:null,”installFlashPrompt”:”Adobe Flash Player is required to watch this video.”,”isLiveStream”:null,”regionCode”:”NA”,”contentId”:”D1TXhJih0HS”,”playbackErrorPrompt”:”Sorry, an error has occurred while attempting video playback. Please try again later.”,”contentMinAge”:0,”isForesterTrackingDisabled”:null,”streamingUrls”:”″,”parentId”:”airy-player-container-mo2WZ1VR510DR1P”,”foresterMetadataParams”:{”client”:”CustomerReviews”,”requestId”:”1BJS2ZDXNC8KC8M93RAS”,”marketplaceId”:”ATVPDKIKX0DER”,”session”:”176-6077918-9974427″}}); }); Length: 3:31 Mins I’ve owned this pop-up screen for just over a week and have a few pro’s and con’s to share, along with this video review to demonstrate what I’m referring to. I hope you find this useful!Pros: - This unit is very affordable and portable! You can twist it down to a small circle and carry it around in a zipper bag. Just throw it in your car and go, or slide it under your bed for easy storage! - It’s lightweight. A cinch to setup and take down, whether you are just resting it against a wall or hooking it to a frame. - It’s blue on one side and green on another. Need a quick switch? No Problem!Cons: - The frame can be warped. I’ve had two units with very warped frames that c

Lorex LW2731 Live LCD SD Recording Monitor with Wireless Cam 262 of 272 people found the following review helpfulGreat for carport surveillance! By Petite1 on June 9, 2013Style Name: With 1 Wireless Camera Verified Purchase I purchased this product because I was looking for a relatively low cost surveillance system to keep an eye on my downstairs carport in my condo complex. The challenge was that the condo rules do note allow me to mount anything on the out side of the building. With a little creativity on the application side, this product worked out perfectly. The camera is relatively small in size which was perfect. I was able to mount it on the window sill of my upstairs bedroom and leave the window cracked open so the night video recording was not distorted. I removed a small piece of the window screen so the camera had a clear view, and the system works like a champ! Very easy to set up with the wireless application. I had the remote viewing feature via Skype working in a matter of minutes from my IPAD and iPhone. I am a single female with intermediate tech skills and this system was very easy to install. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a low cost high quality surveillance system. 6 Comments Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Sending feedback… Thank you for your feedback. If this review is inappropriate, please let us know. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again 274 of 286 people found the following review helpfulWow, this is so much better than I expected… By Matt Anderson on July 6, 2013Style Name: With 1 Wireless Camera Verified Purchase I read some not-so-great reviews of this on Amazon and was a bit worried even though it received overall good ratings and reviews. Here is what you need to know…1. The range isn’t great if you are going through several walls in your house. I can put 5-6 walls between the camera and receiver (the LCD screen) and it will stretch from one end of my house to the other (camera outside, TV inside), so about 60+ feet, and it works fine and I’ll see 2-3 out of 5 signal bars (which indicate the signal strength). But, I will see some interference with the receiver within a few feet of other electronics at this distance, under that 60 foot span and interference doesn’t s

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